Wednesday, February 12th: Chapter 9 Review

Tuesday, February 11th: Law of Cosines

  • Law of Cosines Worksheet

Monday, February 10th: Law of Sines

  • Law of Sines Worksheet

Friday, February 7th: Trig Angles and Inverse Quiz

  • No Homework!

Thursday, February 6th: Trig Angles and Inverse Quiz Review

Wednesday, February 5th: Inverse Trig Applications and Review

  • Trig Application Worksheet

Tuesday, February 4th: Finding Special Angles

  • Special Angles Worksheet

Monday, February 3rd: Reference Angles and Trig Ratios of Special Angles Day 2

Friday, January 31st: Reference Angles and Trig Ratios of Special Angles

Wednesday, January 29th and Thursday January 30th (Block Schedule): Trig Functions of Any Angle

Tuesday, January 28th: Quiz Retakes

  • No Homework

Monday, January 27th: Correct Quiz and Review

  • Review and Correct Quizzes

Friday, January 24th: Quiz 9.1-9.2

  • No Homework

Thursday, January 23rd: Quiz Review 9.1-9.2

Wednesday, January 22nd: Snow Day!

  • No Homework

Tuesday, January 21st: Arc Length and Area of a Sector

Friday, January 17th: Snow Day!

  • No Homework!!!

Thursday, January 16th: Radian Measures

Wednesday, January 15th: ACT Diagnostics (11th Graders) and Intro to Angles

Tuesday, January 14th: ACT Diagnostics (11th Graders) and Solving Right Triangles

Monday, January 13th: Right Triangle Trig and Special Right Triangles

Friday, January 10th: Intro to Trig