Friday, November 8th: Chapter 4 Review

Thursday, November 7th: Quiz on Factoring and Solving Polynomials

  • No Homework!

Wednesday, November 6th: Factoring and Solving Polynomials Review

Tuesday, November 5th: Fundamental Theorem of Algebra and Descartes Rule of Signs

  • In class notes and problems

Monday, November 4th: Writing Polynomials Review

  • See Friday

Friday, November 1st: Writing Polynomials

Thursday, October  31st: Rational Root Theorem

Wednesday, October  30th: White Board Factoring In Class

  • No Homework

Tuesday, October  29th: Factor Theorem

Monday, October  28th: Factoring Polynomials

Friday, October  25th: Quiz Polynomial Graphs and Operations

  • No Homework

Thursday, October  24th: Quiz Review

Wednesday, October  23rd: Remainder Theorem

  • No Notes
  • Homework
    • Pg. 177: 25, 27, 29, 31, 38, 39

Tuesday, October  22nd: Polynomial Long and Synthetic Division

Monday, October  21st: Binomial Expansion and Function Compositions

Friday, October 18th: Adding, Subtracting, and Multiplying Polynomials

Thursday, October  17th: Pascal’s Triangle

  • In class Activity
  • Homework
    • See if you can find more patterns and share tomorrow in class

Wednesday, October  16th: Graphing Polynomial Functions

  • In Class Examples
  • Homework
    • Pg. 162: 25-31 odd, 46, 48
    • Plot 5-6 points including Y-Intercept, Total Zeros, Max Turns, and Sketch of Graph

Tuesday, October  15th: Intro to Polynomial Functions

  • Blank Note Sheet
  • Completed Note Sheet
  • Homework
    • Pg. 161: 3, 5-7, 21, 22, 33
    • Put it in standard form, list type, Degree, Leading Coefficient, Total Zeros, Max Turns, End Behavior and Y-Intercept