Friday, November 15th: Chapter 3 Test Day 2

  • No Homework!

Thursday, November 14th: Chapter 3 Test Day 1

  • No Homework!

Wednesday, November 13th: Chapter 3 Review

Tuesday, November 12th: Variation

Friday, November 8th: Quiz on Nonlinear Inequalities and Graphing Rational Equations

  • No Homework!

Thursday, November 7th: Nonlinear Inequalities

Wednesday, November 6th: Rational Functions Day 2

  • Homework
    • Pg407 #59, 62, 71, 77 **Ignore directions and follow process from notes

Tuesday, November 5th: Rational Functions

Monday, November 4th: Polynomial Quiz

  • No homework

Friday, November 1st: Quiz Review

Thursday, October 31st: Writing Polynomials

Wednesday, October 30th: Descartes Rule of Signs

Tuesday, October 29th: Rational Root Theorem

Monday, October 28th: Synthetic Division Worksheet

Friday, October 24th: Synthetic Division

Thursday, October 24th: Quiz on key features of Polynomials and graphing

  • No Homework!

Wednesday, October 23rd: Solve Polynomials by Factoring

Tuesday, October 22nd: Intro to Polynomials

Monday, October 21st: Graphing Quadratics in Vertex and Standard Forms