Thursday, October 10th: Chapter 2 Test

  • No Homework

Wednesday, October 9th: Whiteboard Review

  • Continue Review

Tuesday, October 8th: Test Review

  • Continue Review

Monday, October 7th: Inverse Functions and Test Review

Friday, October 4th: In class activity

Thursday, October 3rd: Composition of Functions

Wednesday, October 2nd: Chapter 1 Test Corrections

  • In Class Work

Tuesday, October 1st: Function Operations

Monday, September 30th: Stretch and Shrink Transformations

Thursday, September 26th: Parent Graphs and Transformation

Wednesday, September 25th: More on Slope

Tuesday, September 24th: Quiz 1 Functions and Slope

  • No Homework

Monday, September 23rd: Linear Functions and Slope

Friday, September 20th: More on Functions

Thursday, September 19th: Basics of Functions and their Graphs