Wednesday, September 18th: Chapter 1 Test

  • No Homework

Tuesday, September 17th: Chapter 1 Review Day 2

  • Finish Review Worksheet and Study

Monday, September 16th: Chapter 1 Review

Friday, September 13th: Quiz #3 on Solving Various Forms and Interval Form

  • No Homework

Thursday, September 12th: Solving Inequalities and Compound Inequalities

Wednesday, September 11th: Interval Notation, Set Builder Notation and Number lines

Tuesday, September 10th: Solving Absolute Value Equations and Equations in Quadratic Form

Monday, September 9th: Solving polynomial, radical and rational equations

Friday, September 6th: Quiz on Complex numbers and Solving Quadratics

  • No Homework

Thursday, September 5th: Solving Quadratic Equations Day 2

  • Finish notes from yesterday
  • In class activity
  • Complete homework from yesterday

Wednesday, September 4th: Solving Quadratic Equations Day 1

Tuesday, September 3rd: Operations with Complex Numbers

Friday, August 30th: Models and Application

Thursday, August 29th: Review and Homework Quiz 1

  • No Homework

Wednesday, August 28th: Solve Rational Equations

Tuesday, August 27th: Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide Rational Expressions

Monday, August 26th: Interpreting data from graphs and tables